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When Scaredy-Cats Meet Jesus


Posted by Stephanie Armbruster on

There are a lot of good reasons to be afraid. This world isn’t a safe place. And those born with boldness have one up over those of us for whom fear is a second skin (which, oxymoronically, leaves us more prone to injury than were we without it). So what do we do, then, if we...

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Tags: courage, faith, fear

What Would it Be Like?

Posted by Bonnie Sookermany on

What would it be like if, for one week, I did EVERYTHING the Lord asked me to do? This question was asked in our ladies life group a few weeks ago and the thought intrigued me.  What if…the body of Christ did all the things that Holy Spirit whispers into our ears or speaks to our...

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Tags: action, faith, obedience