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The Congregation is under the spiritual covering of a leadership team whose primary goal is to move under the Headship of Christ. The team is responsible for facilitating spiritual direction and structure for Maranatha. The team also purposes to provide spiritual oversight and support of emerging ministries. All members of this team seek to encourage the involvement of the congregation into the work of the ministry.

The team recognizes spiritual authority is not imposed, but comes through relationship and acknowledgement of that authority by the church body and community. They recognize in the Spirit of Christ, there is no clergy/laity distinction, but we are all one in Him. Therefore, the spiritual direction of the church is not established by a congregational vote on the one hand, or by a one-man authority on the other. Again, the goal is to move under the Headship of Christ.

Moving under the Headship of Christ requires each individual to die to self, become alive to the things of the Spirit and to step out in faith and obedience to His voice. The heart of the leadership team is to embrace and affirm all who are stepping out in this way, and to help them to find their place in the Body of Christ at large.


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Roger Armbruster

Founding Father and Outreach Facilitator

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Clare Braun

Liaison b/w Leadership Team & BOD

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Daniel Williams

Pastoral Admin.

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Daniel Fewster

Kingdom Life

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Elaine Isaak

Praise, Worship, and Intercession Facilitator


Dan Giesbrecht—Chairman ( )

Brian Friesen—Vice-chairman  ( )

Denise Stratychuk ( )

Clare Braun ( )

Debbie Fewster ( )

Gord May (EMAIL)

Lorna Muir (

Stephen Cornish (EMAIL)



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Crystal Isaak



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Bruce Kennett



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Daniel Williams

Pastoral Admin.

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Jason Bunn

Children and Youth Focus

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Karen Unrau

Ministry Assistant


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