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Posted by Ruth Bergen on

I remember it like it was yesterday.  Me in my eight year old body, entering a cold, brick building and then a few minutes later..... a classroom.  

And there I stood with my freshly braided hair and sheep skin vest, I nervously chewed my finger nails as I turned to look at the faces of 30 eight year old strangers who were staring at me.  I was The New Kid and I hated it.

As I went through the next few months I fought through the layers of where I fit in this new setting that had become my reality: who was safe, how did they view me and please, somebody, TELL ME.... Where did I belong? 

The awkward stages of settling in a new community never failed to challenge my heart no matter how often I did it.  Some people thrive on a fresh start but I always found it painful and stretching.

When all that you have known and leaned against is removed, some struggle to define who they actually are. And what is the piece that they carry in this new world. AND WHERE AND HOW DO I NOW FIT?

At least I did.

November 4 and 5 our city will welcome an event designed to impact those in our cities, towns, schools, churches, and neighborhoods.  

The heart behind this event is to ignite The Church with a passion and greater understanding to embrace her call to bring family to those who stand alone. 

To belong to the lonely, the vulnerable and the outcast in the same way that the Lord belongs to them.

Is your interested peaked? To read more, please click on this link--

This conference is offered free of charge yet holds the potential to yield a harvest of untold treasure.   As we each bring our piece, and hear the piece of another, may the hearts of those who have stood alone (for generations), find their place in a story that only God could author.