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1.  We value unity in the Body of Christ, and seeing ourselves as a part of the Church of Niverville.

 2.  We value building bridges into the other spheres of the community for the purpose of relationship, not just with individuals, families and other congregations, but with community leaders in the spheres of influence in business, municipal government, education, media, arts and entertainment.

 3.  We value pastoral care that results in the healing of our emotional lives through a revelation of our true identity in Jesus Christ and His finished work, after which our focus becomes more outward than inward, focusing less on ourselves, and more on flowing outward, and putting into practice how we can share the good news of the gospel to help others by word and by deed.

 4.  We value seeing all saints released into the work of the ministry by operating under a strong, big-picture apostolic covering that empowers them to operate in greater boldness by the enablement and power of the Holy Spirit at work in their lives.

 5.  We value ministry that is without condemnation, and thus shifts the atmosphere, and enables the Holy Spirit to reveal the real Jesus in a greater way in a community, in a region and in a nation.  When this happens, we believe it becomes easier to believe in God who has come in the flesh in Jesus, not to condemn the world, but to save the world.