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Online Banking


Giving through Online Banking is currently available for those who use online banking with a Manitoba Credit Union. Set up is done through the BILL PAYMENT OPTION in exactly the same way you would pay a Hydro, Phone or Credit Card Bill. Donations can be made to the General Fund or any church endorsed Project, and can be set up as a onetime gift or a recurring donation on specific dates. 

Online bill payment service is often included for free with your Credit Union account. However, there may be a nominal fee (usually around $0.50 - $1.00) depending on what type of account you have. If you are unsure, you may want to confirm this with your Credit Union. 

To MAKE A PAYMENT (donation) follow the steps below: (Wording in example below is taken from Niverville Credit Union. The menu wording at your Credit Union may vary slightly, but the process will be the same.)

  1. Log into your online banking with your Credit Union
  2. Select “Payments”
  3. Select “Add Payee”
  4. Search for or Browse list of payees and select “MARANATHA NIVERVILLE” from payee list.
  5. Input Account number (see below) and click "Submit"  
    • Account numbers consists of your personal 10 digit phone number immediately followed by the project name you wish to donate to (no spaces). There are a max of 20 characters. When a project name is longer than 10 letters please use the first 10 letters of the Project name only.
      • Example 1: 2043881111GENERAL
      • Example 2: 2044332222BENEVOLENC
      • Example 3: 2043773333LAYETTELOV
    • For a list of Project names, CLICK HERE
    • A new separate account needs to be entered for each project you wish to donate to. Once account(s) have been added you are now ready to make your donation! Select “payments”, choose the account(s) (General or Project Names) you wish to designate to, input amount(s), click “pay bills” and “confirm”. You’re done! (If you wish to schedule automatic recurring donations please continue to step 7.)
    • For those who wish to set up AUTOMATIC RECURRING GIVING: This can be set up by selecting “Schedule Recurring Payments”, then filling in the requested information below:
        • Select your bank account you wish to pay from,
        • Select payee (MARANATHA NIVERVILLE - General or Project Name account) you wish to pay to,
        • Select Start date
        • Select Payment Frequency
        • Select End date
        • Click Schedule
        • Click Confirm