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Cheque or Cash Donations

Giving to Maranatha Niverville via Cheque or Cash

When giving with a Cheque or Cash, offering envelopes can be filled out to designate your giving.

  • Cheques should be made out to “Maranatha Niverville”
  • When designating to a missionary use the project name only. Do not use individual’s names.
  • When designating to a project always use an envelope and do not write anything on the cheque memo line.

In the example below John Doe has made a donation of $200 and designated it as follow:

  • $100 as Tithe/Offering (General Fund)
  • $50 to Benevolence
  • $50 to Project Layette Love

In this example John Doe only needs to write out a single cheque for $200, which is then distributed to 3 different funds.