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Prayer for Ivy and Ruth

Below is a link to the prayer schedule for people to sign up and pray for Ivy Friesen so we could cover her in prayer as much as possible. 
We have also added Ruth Friesen to the schedule as well. She is a sister-in-law to Agnes and Marge and is also battling cancer, so please pray for her as well. 
There is no need to make an account. All you do is add your name and pick a time slot. Each slot is 3 hours long. You can pray as you see fit during that time (prayer/prayer and fasting etc.) You can also pick more than one time slot if you would like and it is fine if more than one person signs up for the same time slot. 
The idea is to have as much prayer around the clock as possible.  
If during your prayer time you get a word or a verse or picture for either of the ladies feel free to pass them onto Bonnie at and they will be passed on to them. This would be a great encouragement to both women.
Thanks so much for participating! Follow the link below to get started!