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Our Sunday school team is entirely made up of volunteers.
Our leadership team is:

Children’s Ministry Overseer – Daniel Williams (EMAIL)

Sunday School Administrator – Karen Unrau (EMAIL)

Nursery team leader - Bethany Speers

Ages 2 & 3 team leader - Jacqui Giesbrecht

Ages 4&5 team leader - Rachel Bunn

Grades 1-3 team leader - Denise Cornish

Grades 4-7 team leader - Karen Unrau


(Find our volunteer forms HERE)

As Children’s Ministry volunteers (leaders, teachers, and helpers) we are called to train up and teach our children in the ways of God.

Our aim is to provide an example in speech, action, and character, which will encourage others to follow our Lord and become servant leaders themselves. This is a way of life measured by the heart (Matthew 15:19).

“We value heart attitudes as foundational to human behaviour. In outlining the Constitution for His Kingdom, Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) focussed on internal attitudes and motivations of the heart as the source of external actions, just like visible fruit of a tree is determined by its invisible root (Matthew 7:16-20), and the stability of the seen structure of a house is determined by its unseen foundation (Matthew 7:24-27).” (Maranatha Constitution)

Heart attitudes are the foundation for outward behaviour; as such, we recognize that the root which brings about external change and permanent transformation is heart circumcision. This is work that takes place from the inside out. We therefore wish to emphasize the fruits of the spirit, purity of heart, meekness, humility, willingness to be die to self, etc. as the traits of character and holy living we wish

When it comes to knowing each other at the heart level, the importance of relationship and interdependence are foundational; in order for these relationships and heart knowledge to have time to grow between us, we have adopted a 6 month period of attendance at Maranatha prior to taking on leadership responsibilities within Children’s Ministry.