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Children's Ministry Mission and Values


Our mission for Children’s Ministry at Maranatha is for our children to know Christ intimately, personally, and experientially. That we together with our children would reflect God’s glory and His nature of family and oneness, that His light would shine and His name be known across our community, nation, and to the ends of the earth. (Matthew 28:18-20; Luke 24:46-49; Acts 1:8; Malachi 4:5-6)

The Bible places the responsibility for raising godly children on the shoulders of parents; and it is within the family unit that the vast majority of a child’s character development and spiritual training, for better or worse, will happen. As such, we encourage parents to take the primary role in spiritual nurture and training of their children and view the children’s ministry as an extended covering that offers support and wider community to come alongside parents in this essential calling.


  • Train and equip our children to be lovers of his presence through living out and modeling a lifestyle of worship, prayer, and
  • Make room, providing time and space for our children to encounter God through, worship, prayer, teaching of the word, and
  • See the generations flowing together, (turning hearts of fathers and children to one another…Malachi 4:6), by providing regular opportunities to worship, pray, and serve together inter-generationally.


  • Bible literacy: We equip children with a heartfelt knowledge of the Bible through godly content and creative teaching 
  • Prayer: We teach principles about enjoyable prayer that assist children in developing an intimate dialogue with God and a thirst for communion with Him.
  • Praise and worship: We aspire to create an environment where all children receive the opportunity to express their love for God and receive His love for them.
  • Ministry: We teach children that they can walk in boldness, zeal, and the power of God, and participate in ministry to one another in such a way that signs and wonders can be released through them.

We believe that our children are ready and able ministers of God, receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit and not a junior version. As such, it is our desire to see our children not only taught about Jesus, prayer, worship, evangelization, etc…but to provide experiential opportunities for them to engage; developing opportunities for them to pray, worship, preach, prophesy, and serve one another.